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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break To-Dos Update

Half-way through Spring Break and here is what I have accomplished so far:
  • plant an herb garden
  • buy and fill planters of varying sizes to "hide" ugly heatpump on the patio
  • take Sadie to the vet for Rx refills and checkup
  • start on Christmas and birthday presents for nieces and sisters
  • trim the unruly boxwood in front of the house
  • take Sadie to the dog park
And here are the things I still need to accomplish:
  • paint kitchen (we're thinking a light cornflower blue) -- my project for Friday
  • go to the dentist (I'm currently on a wait list because I waited too long to make the appointment - bummer!) -- don't think this is going to happen
  • create and stock up on birthday and holiday cards
  • find a small table/chairs for the patio -- doing some serious searching on CraigsList
  • come up with Cooperation lessons for grades PreK-8 for April -- gotta get those ready
  • make school-themed goody bags for grades 1-5 lunch bunches (ideas: smarties, erasers, pencils, stickers, small toy for each group's theme: train engine for 1st grade "I think I can", race car for 3rd grade "study skills expressway") -- this can wait, still have 2 more sessions before the end
Oh, and I got a new camera!! A Nikon D3000 and I love it!! Here are some pictures of my projects taken with my new camera...

A tin full of goodies including homemade scavenger hunt cards for my niece's 7th birthday.

A jar full of "sunshine" to help my sister in Colorado make it through the last bit of winter. I got the idea from here.

Old Navy dress, homemade hair barrettes and a card for my niece's 1st birthday.

Paper-covered birds for Mother's Day. Idea found here.

Handmade Father's Day cards.

"Gourmet Girl" notes and cards set from Michaels, all wrapped up with a cute blue spatula for my best friend's birthday.

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