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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

National School Counseling Week - Day 1

Happy National School Counseling Week! This is a great week to promote school counseling programs to administrators, teachers, students, and parents. To kick off the week, I baked muffins for the faculty and staff. I put the muffins, a note thanking the teachers for their support, and copies of my counseling program brochure in the teachers lounge. The muffins were a big hit and I was surprised at how many of my brochures were taken throughout the day! I had to replenish the supply a few times!

During my lessons throughout this week, I will be quizzing the students on the different parts of my job. I have pencils and stickers to hand out if they answer a question. I ordered return address stickers from Vista Print that say "My School Counselor thinks I am a SHINING STAR! School Counseling Week 2012: Helping Students Be Brilliant". I picked up several packs of pencils at Dollar Tree. I have a few simple questions to ask the students such as "What are the three main ways I work with students? (classroom lessons, small group/lunch bunch, and individually), "What are the virtues we have learned about so far this year? (responsibility, respect, stewardship, kindness, honesty, and citizenship), and "What are the two weeks we celebrated with a school-wide poster in the main hallway? (Red Ribbon Week and No Name-Calling Week)."

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