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Friday, October 18, 2013

Kindness Bulletin Boards

I thought that I had posted about this already, but I guess not. Our first virtue for the year was Kindness. I have two bulletin boards that I am in charge of, one in the main hallway, near the front office, and the other outside my office in the 5th-8th grade wing.

The one in the main hallway is in a pretty prominent space and can be seen by all parents and students entering the school through the main doors or going to the front office. I try to keep this bulletin board more "primary" in focus. The theme is simpler and the suggestions are easy to understand. With the leaves starting to change and fall in the air, I decided to play off of the idea of raking leaves, but instead focusing on Random Acts of Kindness. The kids loved see the actual rake on the board. I got it at Dollar Tree in their summer/beach section over the summer.

For the board in the middle school wing, I try to go with more "popular" or "in" ideas. I had seen this idea all over Pinterest so I just had to use it. It is a play on Carley Ray Jepson's song, Call Me Maybe. The kids thought it was pretty funny.

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