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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

National School Counseling Week - Day 3

For day 3 of National School Counseling Week, I sported my new school counseling t-shirt! I ordered this for about $4 on Vista Print. It says "I Heart School Counseling". I really wanted one of those "super power" shirts that I have been seeing - the ones that say something like "I'm a counselor. What's your super power?" I couldn't find any, and this shirt was only $4 so I went for it! I got a lot of nice compliments from the teachers and I hope that it promoted my program even more.

Since I brought in edible treats the past two days, I decided to go with something a little different today. I found an adorable poem about bubble wrap stress relief online. I printed the poem on card stock and added some green scrapbook paper the coordinated with my bucket. I bought some bubble wrap at Dollar Tree and cut it into small squares to fill the bucket. I also made copies of some stress relief tips for teachers. I included my original "thank you" sign from Monday as well as some extra brochures. The bubble wrap was a big hit - many teachers took a few squares to pop throughout the day.

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