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Friday, February 10, 2012

National School Counseling Week - Day 4

Day 4 of National School Counseling Week brought some more small treats for the faculty and staff. I bought packs of Now and Later candies and included an address label sticker on the back that says "If you need to talk NOW or LATER, school counselors are here to for you too!" I wanted to let the faculty and staff know that I am available for them as well as the students.

When I got into work on Thursday, my principal's son had a very nice surprise for me - blue hydrangeas! They are beautiful and look great on my desk in my pencil vase. It made me feel great and let men know how much I am valued at my school! I also got a call from my old principal wishing me a happy school counseling week. It is nice to know that they are still thinking of me at my old school. Tomorrow is the last day of National School Counseling Week and I have one more idea up my sleeve...

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