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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kindness: Post-It Poem

For our December virtue of Kindness, the 6th graders created a post-it poem. I saw the idea here and knew that I could use it in classroom guidance. We first discussed the definition of kindness and examples of kind acts. Then we came up with all of the words that we could think of that we associate with kindness. They could be synonyms or phrases that they felt related to kindness. I was planning on coming up with at least one word per student and then assigning a word to each student, but we were running short on time. Each student was given a post-it note and asked to pick one of the words that we came up with. They were able to decorate their post-it and write the word in any way that they wanted. They then stuck their post-its on a large piece of poster paper. I then took the poster and glued the post-it's so that they would stay.

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