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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Our virtue for January was Honesty. In 2nd grade, we talked about how hard it is to cover up a lie. I saw this cute idea here - "Water" You Covering Up? Fill a large bowl with water and place a quarter at the bottom. Each student is given a penny and tries to cover up the quarter by dropping their penny in the water. My students loved this "experiment". The quarter represents the initial lie and the pennies represent all of the lies told to try to cover up the original lie. We sat in a circle on the floor around the bowl and each student got a turn to try and cover up the quarter. A few students actually did cover up the quarter partially, so I had to remind them that we could still see part of the quarter, so the lie was still there. After everyone had a chance, I asked the students how many more pennies they would have to use to try to cover up the lie completely. We then talked about the only way to get ourselves out of this problem was by telling the truth. If we tell the truth from the start, we don't have to worry about covering anything up. Each student was given a (dry) penny at the end of the lesson as a reminder to be honest.

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  1. Always remember honesty is the best policy.. college counselor always respect this words..